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Search tips - How to "find" you correctly ...

Keyword search in the header of the business directory
You can enter several words for your search, separated by free characters (space key), up to a total of 50 characters.
Abbreviations are also possible - e.g. "web" for "web catalog" or "webmaster".

If you want the best result, please only enter one search term.
The keywords of an entry are searched for!
It is not case-sensitive here.

Quick search on the home page;
Search by name, keyword, or company name in a location, or zip code.
You can also select an industry, which limits the number of hits and results in a better search result.

The "branch search" on the footer menu
All entries are sorted by industry and can be searched alphabetically.

The "company search" on the footer menu
All entries are sorted by name or company name and can be searched alphabetically.

Live search
Here you will find the keywords used in the current searches of the last
24 hours. This information is updated after every search query!

The TOP list of search queries:
Which keywords were used most often in the search queries?
Our TOP list gives you information about this!
Use this information to optimally create your own keywords for your entry
in our business directory!


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